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Sebastian Echeverria

Montevideo, Uruguay


He has been interested in tattoos for as long as he can remember.  While vacationing in Brazil he got his first tattoo at the age of 13. By the age of 21 he knew that he wanted to start doing what he had admired so much. In 2009 he got his first set of tattoo equipment and then began practicing on friends back home in Uruguay.

Self-taught from the beginning, he tried to attend every tattoo convention and seminar he could to learn from experienced artists.

In 2016 he moved to New York and after spending more than 4 years at a shop, decided to move forward and open a shop of his own.

This is how Symmetry Ink NYC opened its doors in November 2020.

With over 12 years of experience as a tattoo artist and having spent the last 6 of those in New York, he specializes in geometric, fine line, dot work, line work and black and grey tattoos. Mandalas and patterns are his preference and what he feels most creative in.  

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